Sunday, July 20, 2008

Decor baby quilt

We're moving into the less practical and more decorative quilts now – the ones that help to set the theme for the room and are meant to be part of the nursery "look" and less for daily use.

Crib quilts in general seem to just be draped over the side of the quilt more than used in the quilt if only because you don't want the kid smothering under it! So this type of quilt needs a little more thought and attention to detail to up the eye-candy quotient.

So where to start? If you're making this quilt for your own nursery, it should be easy since you'll be picking the theme. If you make it for someone else, work with either the color scheme or theme they've picked for the nursery decorations. Think about how you envision it being used within the décor – draped over the side of the quilt, flung over a chair, hanging on the wall? This will determine a lot of your choices related to size or even batting.

Good pattern choices
Because this quilt is meant for "pretty", you might spend a little more time with the pattern, which means more complexity, which means more triangles. Not my favorite, but maybe you love a star block or flying geese or baskets. This is also a great place to look at some appliqué, maybe of animals or shapes that go with the theme.

Your main fabric will be driven by the décor, of course, and it's great if it's a nice quilting cotton. But you might find to work within the constraints of the theme, you have to work with a polyester blend or even a decorating fabric. Just use a little more care, be a bit more patient and you can bring it together.

This might be a great place for you to practice certain quilting stitches you want to try out, such as feathers or outlining – something that adds beauty to the quilt design and isn't just meant for holding the sandwich together. On the other hand, because this quilt is meant for pretty rather than use, it might be a practical time to look at a big stitch or tying.

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