Monday, July 21, 2008

My current baby quilt project

So I've finally drug this guy out of a box (we're remodeling and it's been packed away) and got the sandwich made. The baby this was intended for is about a year old now, so I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with it when I finish it. :-) Can't remember what the pattern is or where I got it - I think from a TV show or just seeing another quilt - but it's a perfect example of a quilt that isn't a "baby quilt pattern" or even baby fabrics. Still works, right?

I love the blocks, but it's a pretty narrow quilt. I just didn't like any sashing options I could come up with, mostly because of the scrappy nature of the blocks. I was using a certain color palette and working my way through scraps cut using Bonnie's plan. Which meant there wasn't really enough of all the right colors do sashing. Sigh. Now, I'm not entirely sure I love it, but I'm finishing it.

Doing an overall pattern using a sage green thread on the top, so it will be quite visible. Did one row of the stitching, screwed it up because I should have been using a darning foot to allow for more of a stipple motion, so I had to pick the whole thing out to start over. Lovely. And I now realize that the stiching will really show up, so it has to be right. Or I have to switch to cream. :-)

Remodel on kitchen starts this week, so I'm hoping to figure out a place to set up the machine so I can finish this guy soon. Plus, I just miss sewing. My fabric has been packed up for almost a year now. Sigh.

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Mary Emma Allen said...

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