Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Security blanket

Much like Linus and his blanket, many quilts are destined to be loved to death. These are the quilts that get drug around once the child starts walking, that are cried for when they're in the wash, the ones that cause major panic attacks when they can't be found at bedtime.

If you have a security blanket in mind as you're making your baby quilt, keep in mind that this quilt will have to be a size that can be carried around by a small child, so you probably don't want to go bigger than 36" or so square. I'd also suggest a thinner batting to keep it from being too bulky to lug.

Good pattern choices
In the same way as the utility quilt, we probably want to keep the pattern as simple as possible. Unless you're just trying out some new techniques (like getting points right), stick with squares and rectangles for the simplest construction. You can make it fun by tossing in a lot of bright colors and wild designs, though.

Yes, you need to make sure you pick sturdy fabrics that will survive many, many, many washings. But this will be loved quilt, something kept close to the child, so think about the tactile impact as well. Flannels and chenilles might add a nice touch to increase the snuggability. (Yes, I'm allowed to make up words!)

Again, unless you just want to practice something, keep it simple here. Add enough really solid quilting to keep the entire thing together for as long as it needs to survive. Work with the pattern you chose, but I'd avoid taking the time to do lots of feathers and instead focus on sewing it securely.

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