Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Quilt Patterns - My designs for baby quilt week

Well, since all my fabric is stashed away (wah!) and I don't really have space to cut and sew right now (wah!) I decided to take part in crazy mom quilts' baby quilt week by designing some quilts on the computer. I don't have quilting software, just graphic design stuff, so I didn't have cute fabrics to make the quilts out of, so you kind of have to image them in appropriate fabrics and colors. The circle and squares came from a design I did for our company holiday card for this year, then the abacus one was a combo of that idea and Love Beads from The Modern Quilt Workshop. The other, not sure. I actually started out with a different plan in mind, but this is what came out. These designs would obviously be pretty dependent on great quilting to make them. (You can see the larger images over at flickr by clicking on these.)

Thoughts? Once I get my craft room back, I might make them for real. If I like, I might make them into free patterns for download. So if you'd like to see changes, now's the time to speak up. :-)

abacus Abacus
brownquilt Skewers (that's a baby-friendly name!)
blockquilt Blocks

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Farm animal baby quilt patterns

UPDATE: Only pattern left now is Chubby Chicks!!!)

Like a good little blogger girl, I do keep track of how people find me. And my brief reference to farm animals in a previous post apparently attracted some attention from people looking for those kinds of patterns. Sorry I disappointed you there, but I'm making up for it now. I went out and tracked down some patterns that are either farm animals in general or a specific farm animal like chicks or lambs.

These patterns all came from, which has great prices and an amazing selection. I promise. In fact, a lot of these are on clearance for about $1.50 each. But that means they won't be around forever, so hurry!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why are you here?

Buy at Art.comI ran a poll recently just because I was kind of curious as to why people come by. It wasn't scientific by any means, but it was interesting to me. (And maybe only to me. I realize that.)

Essentially, most of you dropped by because you just like quilting in general, not necessarily because you are specifically passionate about baby quilt patterns. About 20 percent have their own baby on the way (congratulations!) and another 20 percent are planning for a gift for someone else. (At least one person wasn't sure what or why they were here. But we're glad you dropped by anyway.)

I'd like to run a few more polls over the next few months just to see what kinds of things you'd like to see here. Of course, you don't have to wait for a poll to tell me. Just leave a comment!! I love comments. You have no idea what a thrill you give me in doing that.

(Oh, the picture? It's called "Give Me Your Answer Do". Found that appropriate.)

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you taking the baby quilt challenge?

It's baby quilt week over at one of my favorite quilting blogs - crazy mom quilts. (Hey, it's her name, not mine!)

She's working through some of her to-do list by making baby quilts. I love her clean designs that use a lot of solids. (Why don't I buy more solids? Why?) And her first one for the week uses a pattern from The Modern Quilt Workshop, which I just got. I didn't even recognize the pattern because of the different colorway!

I really would like to join her in this quest. I'm thinking I should make some small quilts to donate to an auction in November. Just need to get my house back in order so I can unpack all my fabric. Right? I shouldn't be out buying new stuff? Right? If you're doing the baby quilt week challenge, leave a link to pictures in the comments. I want to see them!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

New source for baby quilt patterns - Deborah's Designs

There are so many pattern designers out there and small shops to buy from that it's sometimes difficult to catch everyone. (Which is why I'm here for you!)

I've been meaning to mention for some times this online store called Deborah's Designs, in particular her line of smaller quilt patterns. These patterns are for quilts up to 54" in size and some are specifically designed for baby quilts. But with the right colors and fabrics, just about any of them would make darling quilts. I of course love the Crayon Box design pictured here with it's bold colors.

I was first drawn to Deborah's site by the Spring Fling design, though. It's a great example of an oversized center applique, which can take a simple quilt to extraordinary. This design would work well as is for a baby quilt. Think about what else you could applique - a kite on a string, a teddy bear, a series of circles. The options are unlimited!

Prices for the patterns on her site run $8 each and some of them you can get kitted for prices ranging from $36-$62 that I could see.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heirloom quilt defined

The last major type of I want to look at is an heirloom quilt. As the name implies, we're talking about a quilt that might be handed down over generations. To me, this might not be the kind of quilt that gets used a lot, but rather is part of the decor or is brought out in pictures and so forth. Because the plan is for it to last for years, it is definitely a place where more time-consuming baby quilt patterns are appropriate.

Good pattern choices
This is the time to crack out any pattern or technique that appeals to you. Feathered Stars, Storm at Sea, multi-layer applique, multiple pieced borders - have at it! The time and effort you put into the quilt should be equal to the time it plans to stick around. Since you expect this one to become an antique someday, plan accordingly.

Again, it's time to crank it up a bit. Buy the absolute best fabrics you can because you want them to last a long time. But here's the interesting question with these. Do you still do the quilt in novelty fabrics or bright colors? Or do you tone it down with things that seem more "antiquey"? I'm not entirely sure there's a right answer there, but I think I'd be inclined to go for classic looks regardless of color.

Yeah!! It's time to break out the feathers and multiple quilt designs. No pantographs for this guy. The sky's the limit in terms of design on this one.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Great free (not baby quilt) patterns I just found

OK, working from the premise that there are no such things as baby quilt patterns (that's going to come back to haunt me, I know!), I just stumbled across this blog with some really cute patterns that could be used for baby quilts. It's the kind of site that drives me nuts because I'm not entirely sure where to start in making something. I love them all!!

Free-a-Bee is part of the LizzyHouse family of blogs. Be sure to check out Cherry House Quilts off of this one. You'll be seeing more from there on this blog for sure. The designs are clean and simple, which leaves room for using some great fabrics to do the work for you. (We like that!)

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