Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Quilt Patterns - My designs for baby quilt week

Well, since all my fabric is stashed away (wah!) and I don't really have space to cut and sew right now (wah!) I decided to take part in crazy mom quilts' baby quilt week by designing some quilts on the computer. I don't have quilting software, just graphic design stuff, so I didn't have cute fabrics to make the quilts out of, so you kind of have to image them in appropriate fabrics and colors. The circle and squares came from a design I did for our company holiday card for this year, then the abacus one was a combo of that idea and Love Beads from The Modern Quilt Workshop. The other, not sure. I actually started out with a different plan in mind, but this is what came out. These designs would obviously be pretty dependent on great quilting to make them. (You can see the larger images over at flickr by clicking on these.)

Thoughts? Once I get my craft room back, I might make them for real. If I like, I might make them into free patterns for download. So if you'd like to see changes, now's the time to speak up. :-)

abacus Abacus
brownquilt Skewers (that's a baby-friendly name!)
blockquilt Blocks

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Shana said...

I really like both "abacus" and "Skewers". I think they are a great design for any age.

I finished an abacus-inspired baby quilt about a month ago. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.