Friday, August 8, 2008

Great free (not baby quilt) patterns I just found

OK, working from the premise that there are no such things as baby quilt patterns (that's going to come back to haunt me, I know!), I just stumbled across this blog with some really cute patterns that could be used for baby quilts. It's the kind of site that drives me nuts because I'm not entirely sure where to start in making something. I love them all!!

Free-a-Bee is part of the LizzyHouse family of blogs. Be sure to check out Cherry House Quilts off of this one. You'll be seeing more from there on this blog for sure. The designs are clean and simple, which leaves room for using some great fabrics to do the work for you. (We like that!)

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Stephanie D. said...

Just wanted to let you know your link to Free a Bee isn't coming through. Maybe too many "http"s in the addy? That's usually what I do.

Found you through "Just Us Quilters" as I try to make it down the list! You're about 3 below me. 8^)

lewister said...

Thanks, Stephanie! You're right, there was some extra code that got stuck in there. I appreciate you pointing it out. (Kind of like I had something stuck in my teeth there. :-)

chq said...

Hello! I'm Cherri of Cherry House Quilts. Thanks for your kind words...and the link. We do have lots of free patterns that everyone is welcome to download. Probably the closest thing to a baby quilt is Girl Power, the Amy Schimler fabric is perfect for little ones.

Take care,


lewister said...

Hey, don't steal my ideas! I was going to talk about Girl Power soon. Of course, I think just about anything you have could be turned into a baby quilt. Love all your stuff!!