Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby quilt patterns - checking out twiddletails

One of my latest blog discoveries is the twiddletails blog, in part because she has two new quilts up (OK, one's a table runner) that make for awesome baby quilt pattern ideas. The first is the table runner she calls "Flirting with Fall" that is basically a bunch of wonky stripes in some fabulous colors. Finished with contrasting thread in a scribble free-motion stitch. (I have got to stop trying to hard on the quilting designs. Just scribbling makes things just as lovely as anything else and it's much simpler.)

The second one is called "Random Logs" and is available at her Etsy shop for $199. (Check out the other quilt she has in there as well. Amazing! Love the pieced back. Always a great option when working on a baby quilt pattern.)

(Sorry no pictures on this post. Trying to be sensitive to copyright, so just head to the links to take a look.)

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