Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How do you label your baby quilts?

I've been rooting around over at Etsy lately and started pondering quilt labels. I think I've only done a label on two quilts I ever made - one a graduation gift for a former Sunday School pupil, the other a gift for my best friend. Funny. I just never think to "sign" my work, yet I always did on my cross-stitch projects. But if you are making a quilt as a gift for a baby, a label is a great way for you to share something about the reason for the gift.

Anyway, back to Etsy and the quilt labels I found there. Some lovely designs there - some embroidered, some printed, some hand colored, all relatively inexpensive. QuiltsRUS08 features several embroidered labels, including the one with the spools featured here. On this particular label, you can customize the colors of the spools and have up to three lines of type.

The baby in the tub to the right is from TwoGirlsLaughing; I feature their store on my Squidoo lens on baby quilt patterns because I love all their work. Their labels are printed, then hand-colored and just lovely.

Of course, you could always make your own. The ones I did, I printed using plain muslin on wax paper run through my regular old printer, then colored in the design with acid-free markers. You could also just use a permanent marker or fabric markers and write on a piece of fabric. Make it really fancy by putting the label at the center of an album block or add some binding around the edge to coordinate with the backing or the quilt front.

So how do you label your quilts? Do you remember to do so? (Will you remind me?) Any tips to share for great quilt labels?

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