Saturday, September 6, 2008

Inspired by Baby Quilt Week

I wasn't the only person inspired by crazy mom's Baby Quilt Week. And some people actually were able to sew and finish some real projects as opposed to my virtual ones. I might try to find a small space to set up my machine this weekend to quilt my one project that's been sitting around for a while.

But to help inspire you, check out the rest of the week's patterns over at crazy mom, or take a look at these guys:
  • Trina's Doings - Finished handquilting a sweet purple quilt for her own baby
  • Nicolette - Sweet quilt she did for charity that uses simple squares, four patches and square-in-a-square
  • Reg - Used hourglass blocks in bright colors with white shashings and borders. Crisp and clean and cheery.
  • Wyndesnow - Lovely pinwheels made with two different patterns.
  • Stillmeadow Quilts - Kim made what looks at a glance to be nine-patches, but there are some fussy-cut Poohs in there, so I'm not sure there are actually nine squares in each block, but a mix of squares and rectangles. Creative!
  • Rebecca - Bright colors with fussy-cut animals in the center of a simple block.

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I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Hello BQQ!
I am a new blogger who is also a baby quilt lover and also from Texas! I am in Austin. I love your blog and hope you visit mine too.