Friday, October 3, 2008

Are you quilting for the ages or just for today?

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Lately, I tend to be an "in the moment" kind of girl, just trying to get through what's happening right now most of the time. (Which is a lot at the moment.) I'm a great planner, but often the day-to-day of life gets in the way of carrying through on plans - like that trip to Europe.

So a recent post I read over at Hidden Threads about where my quilts might be some day has gotten me in a bit of a philosophical mood. I'm not entirely sure I've really created anything that I expect to still be around in 80 years. Certainly not a baby quilt. I expect those to get washed to death long before 80 years is up!

Add to this the fact that it's State Fair time - which means drooling over some truly amazing works. I someday aspire to create something worthy (or unembarrassing enough) of being entered in a show of some kind. My basic instinct would be against doing that, though, as I truly do want the quilts I make to be used (and used and used).

Have you ever pondered where your handiwork will be in 80 years? Will it be snuggling with a great-grandchild of the baby you're making it for? (I really like that idea.) Will it be in a museum display of antique quilts? Will it still be around? And do you ever think about that or are you just creating?

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Victoria Neely said...

A properly loved quilt isn't going to last forever, that's for sure. I remember I had a favorite blanket when I was little, and I carried it around until it disintegrated. Poor blankie.

My mom has ensured that her quilt squares will last a long time by putting them in frames and hanging them on the wall.

lewister said...

Umm, well, that's one way to do it. :-) My sister-in-law swears she let the kids use the quilts I made them, but I never saw them anywhere but up on the wall looking pretty. Sigh. I'd rather see it disintegrate. I promise to make them new ones.