Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Straight edge or bias edge - which do you use for baby quilts?

I recently finished up my latest baby quilt project. (Still not washed, so I haven't taken a finished picture yet. Sorry!) And I ended up just doing a straight edge binding on it. In fact. I just left extra of the backing all the way around and used that as my binding. (Am I making anyone squirm yet?) There are times when I just don't see the point in going to all the extra trouble of making a separate binding, particularly a bias binding, for a baby quilt. But maybe you disagree with me?

There are a few misconceptions about using straight edge (or straight grain) binding, usually that it is easier to apply and takes less fabric. Neither of these are really true, but it can be easier to create the binding, as in my case where I just used extra backing fabric. I recently found a nice explanation of the two kinds of binding and when you would want to use either.

Whatever your preference, the binding is the final piece of the creation and should get just as much attention as the rest. I'm wagging my finger at myself here as I admit it, I tend to do binding like it's the last thing to get off my plate rather than something important. I promise to do better.

So what do you tend to use on your quilts? Straight grain or bias edge? Do you even care? Vote in the poll on the right and leave a comment to tell us why you do what you do. I love hearing from you about your projects!

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le35 said...

For my toddler bedding quilts, I buy a premade bias binding. For one thing, I generally make the bottom fitted like a fitted sheet, and it's easier to insert the elastic. But it's easier for me to just buy the premade stuff anyway. If you want to see a few samples, check out www.elliebelliebaby.com

P.S. Thanks for commenting on my Elmo Cake! I can't believe you sew quilts too. I'm excited to read your personal blog, too!