Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quick round up of patterns and projects

Just a quick round up of some patterns I found that would be great for baby quilts. Some would be simple, some a little more complex.

Butterfly pattern (pictured)
From one of my favorite blogs, twiddletails. Combines foundation piecing and machine applique. (So let me know how it goes because those are two things I avoid when possible!!)

Wonky log cabin tutorial
From Tall Prairie Grass Studio. Fairly simple, really forgiving and I love the off-kilter look.

From Annie's Quilting blog - simple quilt using novelty fabrics. She does these as charity quilts and it's really just precious. Like the teddy she made to go with the quilt too!!

Taffy Batiks
Not a pattern with this one, but it seems fairly simple and straightforward. She says the blocks are 5.5", so I'm thinking it would just involve a couple of 2.5" strips and a 1" strip. Hardest part would be working with that tiny 1" piece!

This one is pretty dramatic, but for a baby quilt, I see it with white instead of black and using novelty fabrics for the solids. Nice!!

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