Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby quilt using felted sweaters!

I've been running across all kinds of holiday projects that use sweaters and felted wool - everything from Christmas trees to tree skirts. Is it just that time of year where people pull out winter clothing and decide they hate it all and repurpose it into a craft? Funny!

So here's our requisite felted wool sweater project to make a baby quilt. It just looks incredibly warm and snuggly. You'll need all wool sweaters to do this and she has some great tips for picking the best ones for the project. (Instructions on how to felt the wool are available as well.)

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Amy said...

ooo I love the idea of recycling,, and making something snuggly for baby...thanks for sharing

Kama @ Today's Housewife said...

That looks so soft!! I know my 4 month old son would love that--he loves soft stuff!! I just started quilting and found your blog from quilting blogs. I can't wait to finish my first quilt!!

patchwork said...

It is a great idea to use the not so much used stuff...and the combination looks very dignified and the texture very unique.