Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farm animal fabric for your baby quilt

Farm Corner Border Panel CreamI went back to check on the farm animal baby quilt patterns I found before and most of them are out of stock. Waa! In my hunting around, well, I'm not having much luck in finding new ones.

So I started looking at fabric options. After all, a nine-patch with farm animal fabric is just as good as a farm animal pattern, right? (Work with me here!!!) What I did find, was some adorable panels, so we'll start there with a look. The one pictured here is from and called Farm Corner. They have the panel and a couple of different coordinating fabrics available, although you can certainly coordinate with your own solids and patterns. Or work up a quilt using just the coordinating fabrics.

One of the coordinates is called Labels, and it could serve as a panel quilt as well. Each little box features a different farm animal or group of animals. Love it!

(Just noticed at the bottom of the fabric info that this is a last chance fabric - which means they're running low on it - and isn't reorderable. So when they run out, they're out. Act quickly!)

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What if you don't have a baby coming?

If you're like me, most of the people in your life are past the baby-making stage. So who do you make a baby quilt for? (Guess you could pretend they're babies until they're five, right? Just don't tell them!)

I have tons of patterns and ideas I want to try out, but not in big sizes. And no small-sized people to make them for. Just discovered Quilts for Kids today, and that might be the answer.

They started as a way to use up discards from fabric manufacturers (before they all moved overseas) to make, well, quilts for kids. Mostly in hospitals, but also to meet other needs. (They have quilts going to an orphanage in Haiti right now, for example.)

You can help in a lot of ways. Unlike some other groups, they'll send you a kit with fabric to use to make your quilt; you just supply the batting. I just requested one and plan to do a second one to include in the package I ship back.

Check the site for a local chapter; you might want to work directly with them to create and donate.

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