Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farm animal fabric for your baby quilt

Farm Corner Border Panel CreamI went back to check on the farm animal baby quilt patterns I found before and most of them are out of stock. Waa! In my hunting around, well, I'm not having much luck in finding new ones.

So I started looking at fabric options. After all, a nine-patch with farm animal fabric is just as good as a farm animal pattern, right? (Work with me here!!!) What I did find, was some adorable panels, so we'll start there with a look. The one pictured here is from and called Farm Corner. They have the panel and a couple of different coordinating fabrics available, although you can certainly coordinate with your own solids and patterns. Or work up a quilt using just the coordinating fabrics.

One of the coordinates is called Labels, and it could serve as a panel quilt as well. Each little box features a different farm animal or group of animals. Love it!

(Just noticed at the bottom of the fabric info that this is a last chance fabric - which means they're running low on it - and isn't reorderable. So when they run out, they're out. Act quickly!)

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