Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby quilt kit options

Quilt kits are a nice way to get a quilt up and going quickly. Someone else has already done what many find to be the hard work - picking the pattern and fabrics. In fact, the kit typically even means someone else has already cut the pieces for you as well. (Whoo hoo! That's my least favorite part of quilt making.)

But, I find kits for big quilts and for tiny wall quilts all over the place but few that come in a baby quilt size. What gives? Just ran across these called Simple Quilt Kits over at Hancock Fabrics online. There are six different colorways and three different patterns available and they all finish to an appropriate size for a baby quilt. Check 'em out if you're in need of a baby quilt quickly.

Sorry; no longer available.

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