Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nope, a panel isn't cheating

Chirp! Birth Record Panel Summer GreenSo, they often call panels "cheater cloths", but really ... is that fair? Calling it a cheater just makes it sound like you're doing something wrong using it. Come on. It's not wrong, it's not cheating, it's not a problem. (I include panels on this blog a lot because they're so cute and typically they're in something appropriate for baby.)

Actually, a panel is a great starting point for creating a baby quilt. You aren't trying to create an heirloom here, you're trying to create something to be loved. You don't need to send a lot of time on the quilt and a panel gives you a leg up on getting something great out the door without spending a lot of time.

Now, you can just use the panel as it is, slap some borders on with the coordinating fabrics and there you go. With others - like the Chirp panel pictured here - you can cut the panel up to serve as the centers of new blocks. Mix them in with traditional pieced blocks and you have a "true" quilt.

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