Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who doesn't love a John Deere?

John Deere designs are pretty popular ... well, not just these days, actually. John Deere has been hot stuff for years. But it's only in recent years that you've really been able to get great items like bedding and baby clothes. If you have a future farmer (or heck, just a boy who's likely to like trucks) on the way, you can make some of your own John Deere items with the great John Deere fabrics available today.

One of my favorites (no surprise) is the tractor panel pictured here. Totally cute. Totally baby. And with the coordinating fabric for the back or to add borders to increase the panel size, cute quilt that's so easy.

Check out a second line of John Deere fabric I found!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Boy Neptune Quilt

Baby Boy Neptune Quilt
Originally uploaded by megrje
Found this on flickr today and just really loved it. It's a different kind of quilt with pieced blocks in just one section of the quilt, then the big sections embellished with decorative trim - nice safe rick rack since it is a baby quilt after all.

And this one was done for a boy, which makes for an interesting use of colors. It's not overtly boyish, not every very baby-ish. Inspired to try something similar myself. How about you?

Baby quilt kit options

Quilt kits are a nice way to get a quilt up and going quickly. Someone else has already done what many find to be the hard work - picking the pattern and fabrics. In fact, the kit typically even means someone else has already cut the pieces for you as well. (Whoo hoo! That's my least favorite part of quilt making.)

But, I find kits for big quilts and for tiny wall quilts all over the place but few that come in a baby quilt size. What gives? Just ran across these called Simple Quilt Kits over at Hancock Fabrics online. There are six different colorways and three different patterns available and they all finish to an appropriate size for a baby quilt. Check 'em out if you're in need of a baby quilt quickly.

Sorry; no longer available.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Make your own farm animal baby quilt pattern

Farm animal baby quilt patterns seem to be pretty popular when I look at my blog stats. I'm always looking for more ideas and patterns, but I realized that creating your own farm animal pattern is pretty simple, especially if you like applique. Just start by finding some coloring pages online with farm animals - cows, pigs, horses, ducks, chickens.

Once you have your applique shapes, just find a pattern that already uses applique or has big blocks or a simple background like the Spring Fling one I've mentioned before. Best part in my book is that you'll have something uniquely yours, not just a copy of someone else's pattern!

Here's a head start on some coloring pages with farm animals to get you started. Look for simple shapes that translate well to applique, pair it with some farm-themed fabrics and there you go. Would love to see what you create!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Save on Michael Miller fabric this week

Here's a deal for you this week! Get 15% off all Michael Miller Fabrics at with code "MILLER15". Deal's only good through Monday, Oct. 11 so get over there! Only 800+ different fabrics to look through. Ha! Great opportunity to stock up on some lovely novelty fabrics, though.

Here are a couple (OK a few) I've put in my basket:

Michael Miller Peace Group Flower Power MultiMichael Miller Look What I Made Crayon Craze Multi\WhiteMichael Miller Pretty Bird Bloomies Lime
Michael Miller Play Date Party Time ChocolateMichael Miller Lolli Dot OrchidMichael Miller Look What I Made Drawings Blue

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Purple Daydreams Baby Quilt for a Friend

I'm actually getting the opportunity to make baby quilts these days rather than just talking about them or ogling others. Yea! As you get older, your friends get older and fewer people have babies. But I've picked up a few younger friends just getting rolling on their families and so I'm back to making a few baby quilt patterns for actual specific babies.

This one came out of my UFO pile. I had seen a quilt I liked, started making these blocks based on the picture and got a little stuck trying to figure out how to set them without directions and what size quilt I actually wanted to make. So they ended up in a drawer and in my quest to finish all UFOs before I start any new projects found their way to the sunlight again.

Quilted using a decorative stitch on my machine in the sashing and I struggled with just what to do with the borders. Happened to have just enough of that purple ombre and while it's not the absolutely most perfect choice, it does wrap it up nicely. And look at that backing! Out of my stash and so happy to have a great use for it. It's a beautiful fabric, but just what you do with stuff like that can be puzzling.

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