Monday, October 18, 2010

Make your own farm animal baby quilt pattern

Farm animal baby quilt patterns seem to be pretty popular when I look at my blog stats. I'm always looking for more ideas and patterns, but I realized that creating your own farm animal pattern is pretty simple, especially if you like applique. Just start by finding some coloring pages online with farm animals - cows, pigs, horses, ducks, chickens.

Once you have your applique shapes, just find a pattern that already uses applique or has big blocks or a simple background like the Spring Fling one I've mentioned before. Best part in my book is that you'll have something uniquely yours, not just a copy of someone else's pattern!

Here's a head start on some coloring pages with farm animals to get you started. Look for simple shapes that translate well to applique, pair it with some farm-themed fabrics and there you go. Would love to see what you create!

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