Saturday, December 18, 2010

When to give a baby quilt

It's almost Christmas and I'm sure there's some panicking going on out there to get gifts done. (I'm not panicking yet, but I should be finishing up a project for my mother-in-law rather than hanging out online just now. Sigh.)

Anywhoo. Christmas is a popular time to give baby his/her first quilt, probably second to the birth event or maybe third behind a first birthday. Someone brought up the issue over on a quilting forum the other day about just when to give a baby quilt. She was freaking because the baby in question was born early and she wasn't ready and helping out which meant she couldn't get the quilt finished and just when should she give it and ... whew. You understand right? Ha!

Me, I'm inclined toward giving quilts around the time the baby is born. I want them to have something to lay on is my general thought, plus grow up with. My desire is for the quilt to become their lovey that is in tatters by the time they're five. (Well, maybe not tatters. I hope my sewing/fabric is better than that.) However ... I find if you make a quilt for a newborn, you're really making it more for the parents than the baby. In which case, the quilt might end up hanging on the way rather than being used.

So just when is the right time to give a baby quilt? Does the need or function for the quilt change between birth and one? Would you do a quilt differently depending on when you're giving it? Or do you completely wait until the child is two or three and better able to appreciate the gift and who gave it?

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Photo credit: Krysten_N on flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.

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Quiet Quilter said...

For acquaintances, those friends who are work-related, daily or weekly seen, phoned, texted,(you get the idea), I like to give baby quilts for the you said, the parents are the ones you are "giving" it to;

Closer friends(still possibly work related), relatives, and best friends, I like to give the newborn a quilt,,,and later, another quilt to fit the personality of the child. After all, these are the children you will see and love as they grow older......

lewister said...

Excellent points! A lot of it does depend on the relationship you have with the child and parents. I know I always intended to do a quilt for each of my nieces and nephews when they graduated from high school and that the baby quilt I made them was to be loved and abused until then. ;-)