Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wholecloth baby quilt

Found this picture the other day. It's from the Fons and Porter site, but danged if I can find exactly where. Maybe behind the membership wall? Hmmm. Wanted to give proper credit to the location and creator, but no dice so far.

Anyway, I've talked before about the idea of heirloom baby quilts and what I think that means and entails. To me, this is a perfect example of such. It's wholecloth, so there's no piecing involved, which makes it sound like it's be easier, right? But because there's no piecing, the quilting itself is the design and comes front and center. Which to me, actually makes it harder. Given the amount of work it would take to design and do a quilt like this, I'd want to mount it behind glass to never be touched!

If you're planning an heirloom quilt for a baby, have you considered a wholecloth? Why or why not? Love to hear your thoughts!

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