Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Challenge Update: January

Hmmm. Well, I had grand plans for specific kinds of posting for this challenge and ... yeah, not gonna happen. Too bad.

So basically, I'm just going to give a monthly update on where I am. And I'm trying to take pictures (some) as I go along, but nope, haven't had time to get them together to put on here. You'd think since I lost my job I'd have nothing to do but quilt and write on this blog, but no-o-o-o.

Anyway, I worked like a mad woman at the beginning of the month and got all the fabric cut for seven quilts and put into neat little plastic bags. My own little kits! And managed to get two tops completely sewn and another one started and three more quilts in the midst of being cut out. It's nice having the kits ready to go to do the leaders and enders as I near the end of one quilt.

My big obstacle at the moment is the two applique quilts. Which I realize are going to be challenges. So I'm trying to get a real jump on them. But no matter how much I jump, it's still a lot of work. The one with the dresden plate squares calls for 108 petals for the plates. Then there are 12 butterflies. Times three. All to be hand appliqued, which I have never done. Right now, I'm trying to just past the tracing and cutting of all those pieces. Ack!

Between all the cutting and planning of the applique ones, I haven't gotten much sewing time in lately. But, backs are in process to finish up those first two quilts and I hope to get back at the machine to make progress toward the next top finish. Not panicking just yet. Should I?

(BTW, if you happen to be sitting on a small pile of any black or yellow scraps, I'd love to help you get rid of them. My plan for one quilt is bees and I am decided short on those colors. Small as 2.5" square, big as 6" square would work for most of it. Will happily send you fabric, scraps, a block, hugs and kisses - whatever we think makes a good deal. Thanks!)

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Quiet Quilter said...

There is always behind the scenes work that has to be done before the big moment when progress seems to fly..

You are continuing to work on it, so that is the important thing.

Keep going..we've all been there (just last week for me!)

Vena said...

Hello. I just stumbled on your page and I am interested in your offer to swap some scraps of fabric. I have a few pieces of black and yellow in my stash that I think I could part with. I would love to get any scraps ( I don't like to work with anything smaller than 2") you think would be fair. Do you need any black or yellow solids? I also hve a cotton black gingham check (1/4") and black w/ small 3/4" chickens (don't ask).

lewister said...

Hey Vena! Welcome to the family. And I think black and yellow solids would work fine. I mostly just need things that contrast with white, since that will be the background most of the time. But definitely non-solids, including chickens works too. (And you should see my stash. There's a lot of "don't ask" fabric in there.)

How about dropping me an email and we can continue the conversation? susanvlewis on gmail.