Sunday, March 6, 2011

Challenge Update: February

Actual progress to report. I think. Or at least I have pictures to document what I'm up to right now. That's progress.

I have three tops completed and managed to get two basted after I took the pictures. The first one I finished I mentioned last month - the cowboy one. Took me a while to get a back going for this one - not sure what the deal is with that. I wanted to use up some of my scraps, but for some reason, that just proved to be more of a headache than a help. Well, it kind of was a help since I was going to have to piece a back anyway. Running a row of scraps between actually makes it look better than just piecing it. (And of course, I don't have a picture of the back. Sigh.)

The middle quilt is really tiny, definitely lovey sized rather than a crib quilt. Totally cute, totally came out wonky. Have it basted and am using a cute girly pink flannel on the back. Will probably use the main print fabric on the back of the other two in this set, though, just to use some up. Tons of scraps left (why?).

The third is my favorite so far. And the one I was most worried about because the fabric as a collection just never seemed to work right. (See my stack to the right there.) But once all the pieces were small and mixed together, it started working for me. Have some long strips of the border fabric, so planning to piece a back (takes time, boo). My big question now is that the border is supposed to be scalloped. I'm concerned that 1) it might chop off the heads of too many flowers and 2) I don't have enough fabric of the right size/color to make a bias binding. Can go to a darker blue rather than the border fabric or with a white to match the inner border. Just not sure on either count yet.

What does the rest of my room look like right now? Well, I've started piecing up the boy version of the diamond pattern that's on the book cover. And cursing and ripping a lot as I get the hang of the angles. I have a couple more quilts cut out and kitted up. Both drawers are full now, so I'm trying to get a few more quilts done before I cut up the last few. (And find a good stopping point in sewing tops to take time to quilt the first few.) And my sewing table is a mess as I stitch together the petals on the flowers for the dreaded hand applique quilt. It's cute puppies, which I'm hoping will override the flower part on this one to make it boy enough. Should have cut the pieces out to be fans or points, but I just didn't think it through enough. And I'm not cutting out another 108 of those suckers!

And that's where we are. Goals for March are to finish the frog top, start the hand applique, quilt the two basted quilts, get the back done for the blue flowers and maybe do the applique stitching on all the elephants. Yeah. We're a week in to March, I'll be gone for a week at spring break. We'll see if it's possible. (Thinking positive thoughts!) Oh, also need to rethink the challenge update page. Hmmm.

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