Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quilt show report

Guess what? At big fancy quilt shows, baby and kids quilts are sorely under-represented. So says me after attending my first quilt show. So that makes me an expert. Right? Ha!

Still, I can certainly see where quilts aimed for the younger set might not be show worthy. These tend to be quilts built for utility, not awards. So it probably shouldn't have been any kind of surprise that there weren't many to be seen.

In fact, the only quilt that came close to being a baby quilt was this beautiful bunny quilt by Sally Brown of Colleyville. So cute. Soooo cute. But the real delight is when you zoom in and check out the quilting. The bunnies and carrots quilted into the quilt are just so sweet and clever. And I wouldn't have wanted to be marking this one! Yowsers.

Now, there were lots of pieced quilts that would have been appropriate for kids or a baby - done in the right size and fabrics. But this monster quilt by Kathy Bradbury was the only one I saw that was all kid. Simple enough pattern with all the colors taken from the focus fabric used in the border. But the monsters? All applique and just really well done.

So, do you think a baby quilt could do well in a quilt show? What would it take in terms of pattern, construction or quilting? (This is one of my bucket list things, but I am too impatient a quilter probably to ever do a quilt that perfect. :-)

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