Sunday, April 3, 2011

Challenge Update: March

See the pulling in the curves?
Full look at the back of this one
I started quilting one of the two basted quilts. Spending far too much time thinking about the quilting and not enough time quilting. And the back of the free motion part ... sigh. I know it's one part the thread I put down there - it's way too thick and is going bye-bye - but some of it is me. Still not getting the knack of matching hand and foot speed. But that's part of the point of this project, right? Get enough practice to get better at this.

Finished the center of the boy version of the diamond quilt. I set it aside before putting the borders on because I wanted to move on to quilting. So I didn't get back to it to get it finished. Bah.

Backside - see the puckering?
Front - curves aren't that curvy
Vena in Missouri (hi!!) did a fabric swap with me so I now have plenty of blacks and yellows for my neutral version of the hand applique quilt. I've gotten all the petals cut out for it. I started the hand applique on the boy version of that set as well. Well, I've done four blocks of the 36 ones in the center of that one quilt so far. Won't say I'm sucking at it, but there's definitely a few knacks to this that I'm missing. Planning to drag it to my quilt guild meeting this month to beg for help.

I scored on fabric at Joann's. Half off of Debbie Mumm and Kona solids and then had a 25% off coupon for the entire purchase after that. I think I saved $150 total. But I got fabric for three more of these quilts (pics are just a small portion of what I got). (Yes, I know. I'm supposed to be using stash. And I will. I just couldn't resist some of these!)

And ... that's it. Traveled twice, got sick twice and just focused on business rather than sewing this month. Which means I didn't get a quilt finished, didn't do my machine applique and didn't get any more piecing done. Need to figure out a way to spend at least an hour sewing every day. That's the best way to chip away at big projects like this.

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