Sunday, April 10, 2011

Videos make mastering techniques so much easier

Making progress on my challenge quilts. Hooray! I'm starting a business, beginning work on a new book and spring is here so the roads are calling. Fitting in some sewing has been tough. :-( But I finally managed to block off some time and got one quilt finished and another half-way quilted.

The first one went a little bit easier at the end because I finally figured out how to fold my corner on the front to stitch the binding by machine. (And actually, this applies for folding to the back for hand stitching the binding as well.) Those darned corners just never looked right and I was apparently folding them the wrong way. Gah. Learned my lesson thanks to this well-done video on doing machine binding.

I'm also still on the hunt for help for my pathetic attempts at hand applique. While there's a lot in this video that doesn't fit with my style, I did discover that I should apparently be stitching from the top, not the bottom. Sheesh. We'll see how that change goes, as well as an attempt at using freezer paper to iron over the seam allowance first. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy and don't forget that YouTube and other video sources are a wealth of info and tips from other quilters. And thank you if you're one of those who've taken the time to help all the rest of us out by filming one!

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