Saturday, July 30, 2011

Creative chaos in the craft room

My craft room's been a complete mess of late. Just got cranking on a bunch of projects at once and am making good progress. Hooray!

I finally got to the binding stage on this quilt with the scalloped border. Umm. Not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Sigh. The curves aren't a problem but those danged corners and points are proving to be a challenge for sure.

Making good progress on the dog flower quilt (I have got to come up with a better name for that) with all the petals done on the hand applique. Which meant I could start putting the blocks together and then appliqueing the centers. My applique technique has definitely improved. You can barely see my stitches on the centers. (However, the petals seriously don't match from block to block.)

I got started on yet another quilt with the center done before I moved on to do some actual quilting and binding bits. Loving the way this one is turning out, although I think I would have made some slightly different color choices in a couple of spots. Still, it's looking good and my construction is excellent. Can't beat that!

We're heading out on a road trip soon, which I realized meant I couldn't do any machine work but would be the perfect opportunity to get going on the other two hand applique quilts. So between stitching the blocks for the teal and pink quilt, I started sewing together all the petals for those into groups of three. Still need to get the backgrounds cut out to sew them too, however. But I should be ready for a week of nothing but applique. (Oh, that's not sounding as fun as I wish it would.

This one isn't a baby quilt, but I am finally finished with a quilt I started at least 10 years ago and meant to give to my mom. It's a king-sized quilt, hand-quilted because I'm insane. I actually sent it off because I made it halfway through the handquilting and just couldn't keep going. Mostly because my marking had gone horribly wrong. So I let someone else finish it. Then I did the borders and put on the binding. It's really just lovely and homey.

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