Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011 Challenge: Baby Squares Jamboree - Girl

Well, from the color scheme of this one, it could be for a boy. Except for that darned flowered border! It was left over from a dress project for my niece and is one of those border prints that are tough to use just anywhere. But the border of this quit was the perfect anywhere for it. One more fabric almost completely gone from my stash! Hooray!

The center is a mish-mash of fabrics from my stash all pulled from the colors of the flowers in the border fabric. I really love the way this one turned out.

Learning challenge on this one was that scalloped border. I had never done one before and this probably wasn't the one to learn on with those points in it. Turned to YouTube to learn how to turn the inside corners of the curves and just bulled my way through the rest.

Oh, the back is gorgeous too!!

I did the quilting in the center as one continuous piece to create - what do you call this? I feel like there's a real name for it. Hmm. Anyway, it was easy to do although I used up an entire spool of thread for the center and two full bobbins. Yowsers!

My back isn't perfect as the thread got all goofed up a few times and I have some thread clumps. And the stitching isn't always even. But I really love this particular quilting stitch/pattern now because it doesn't require any marking and is a nice change of pace from just a stipple. So two things learned on what really is a very simple quilt pattern.

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Alex Sand said...

I love the red one, the center reminds me of old movie film strips.