Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2011 Challenge: Trip to Bali - Boy

From the first time I saw this pattern, I thought muslin and homespuns. And then discovered I never want to work with homespuns again. Argh.

That said, this really did come out lovely. From this far away, at least. I'm really rather proud of it. Just looks incredibly cosy.

Now the quilting ... half good, half not. I attempted to eyeball Baptist fans for the center. They didn't come out so very nice and even. Alas. But I wanted something different from what I did on the girl version of this quilt and that's what I came up with. Should have stuck with what I knew worked. The stippling I did around the elephants really came out nicely though. Getting much better at that stuff. And it really was the best option because working around those applique guys wasn't easy.

I know I said I wasn't going to use the homespuns to do the back, but the thought of just tossing them made me ill, so on the back they went. It actually wasn't as bad as I expected. And I just pulled the edges over to do the binding - not the best way to go, but far quicker than the alternative.

Despite the fact that my stippling and free motion in general is improving, there are still issues I can't always figure out. Like this lovely snarl on the back. It's not in a place where I would have stopped, so why the heck is there suddenly all that extra thread being pulled in from the front? One of these days I'm going to have this all figured out. I think. But right now, the mysteries still abound.

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