Friday, October 21, 2011

2011 Challenge: Trip to Bali - Girl

This is the first pattern where I've completed two versions, so there is definitely a comparison to be made between fabric choices. And while I didn't use batiks, the fabric packs I used had more of a tropical feel, giving them more of the Bali look of the original.

I goofed up on my elephants on this one. Not that the casual observer could tell. They're supposed to rotate as they go around the top and I did them all straight up and down. Which means the top has a distinct "top" to it. Not a biggie.

Closer view of the fabrics and the straight-line quilting I did in the center. I also did the inner squares of the blocks in a contrast (as called for in the pattern) something I didn't do in the boy version. Interesting to see that difference.
I did a version of an edge to center design from Leah Day called Spiral Illusion. Since the center was all squares and empty spaces, I was able to follow the edges to complete the design. You can kind of see it in this picture. The borders - ugh. I tried a free motion version of straight lines that I ended up not liking much. Wishing I could combine the center design here with the border design on the boy quilt.
A bit better view of the quilting design from the back. You can see the lines that go across and around as well as the lines that go at the angles. Really a great way to fill that center.
And this wouldn't be complete without mentioning the back fabric. It's a flannel I found on the red tag rack at Joann's during one of those times when they put the rack on sale for another 50% off. My favorite time to shop! I've picked up all kinds of yummy goodies that way, including this flannel that happened to be a perfect color match for the fabrics I had. One of the best color combos I've had in a while. And flannel is such a nice backing fabric. (Even when you have to piece a stripe and it's now going in two directions.)

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