Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grab a net for these butterfly baby quilt patterns

I'm working on a memory quilt for my mom and she loved butterflies. Which of course got me poking around to see what options there are for butterfly baby quilts. Lots of patterns out there, but only a few I liked that seemed appropriate as a baby quilt pattern.

Black Mountain Fluttering Butterflies Pattern
Finished size 54"x 54"
Pieced wings, bodies are appliqued

Crazy Old Ladies Flora & Fauna Pattern
Measures 60"x 70", which might be a wee bit big. You could leave a row off the top and bottom and get a smaller and more baby quilt appropriate size. It uses 10" squares. The circles are appliqued, icons appliqued on that. It uses icons of butterflies, birds and flowers; you could just do butterflies.

Crazy Old Ladies Flutterby Pattern
Raw-edge applique butterflies. Finished size 57"x 71". Again, a little big for a baby quilt maybe, but you could just cut the body smaller and arrange the appliques to fit. Or leave off a few.

For The Love Of Thread Butterflies In The Sky Pattern
Finished size 16"x 43". It's meant as a runner, but the design is so cute that I wanted to make this work. Basically, you can repeat the runner  three times, sew the runners together and you'll have the right size for a baby quilt. The butterflies are appliqued, so add in a few more to go across the runners to put them together.

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