Monday, October 17, 2011

October Challenge update

Getting my sewing machine back meant I could get back to business with my challenge projects. I rapidly started work on a new quilt, getting all the blocks assembled and the stars appliqued. Oh - and the billions of triangles in the borders done. You know I was having fun with those. (/sarcasm)

With the machine out of commission, I started working on more hand applique, which you can see to the right of the first picture. But machine in place meant I could start assembling others and get the center of the dog version completed.

The plan for the primary colored quilt above is to donate it for an auction my women's chorus is having - our major fundraiser for the year. So I'm putting together a basket that includes that quilt and some baby toys I made that coordinate. I have two sizes of soft blocks, some fabric "blobs" that stick together with velcro and a nosy square. (The noisy part is some popcorn plastic wrap. Shhh. Don't tell.)

The last thing going at the moment is yet another quilt. These 12x12 blocks have been done Nad I'm just trying to ensure I have a pleasing pattern going here. And being annoyed because some of the colors apparently didn't get cut out to precisely the right sizes somehow, so things are already wonky. Bah. (Love the color scheme going here, though.

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Julie Warner said...

I really like the slightly wonky look of the squares, I think it adds to a casual playful feel. It's funny how sometimes a "mistake" turns out to be the best part of a project.