Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby quilt projects moving right along

Madly working on getting blocks together and I'm making quite a bit of progress. On the left, blocks waiting to be sewn together. In the middle all the danged pieces of the borders for the dog flower quilt going together. These things have a billion triangles and tons of pieces so it's taking forever to get the blocks together. The picture on the right has blocks for two more quilts coming together. (I messed up the sashings on the black and red one because I thought I didn't need to review the directions first. Boo.)

I've ended up in the middle of several tops at the same time because I'm chain piecing like mad. Some of these quilts have so many pieces to the different blocks that it takes quite a while to actually get one block done. So I'm running lots of things through at once. Not sure if that's making it go faster, but I certainly feel a bit more productive because there's always something progressing.

I've done some reading lately about the Frixon gel pens with ink that disappears with heat. (And returns with cold!)

Some people are leery of the pens because the ink does come back in the cold, which implies it never leaves. But in many of those cases, these are quilts that never got washed. So I'm not sure if it's something to be truly concerned about.

But I do have one great use for them - marking templates. Sometimes pencils and pens just don't want to show up. The bright colors of these pens work quite nicely for that job. Yea!
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Julie Warner said...

That would be a great boon for stencils. And how cold would the quilt have to get? Like leaving it out in the snow or something?

lewister said...

I know the marks have come back when people put the fabric in the freezer. It originally came up because someone used the markers, then shipped the quilt for a show and the marks had returned when the quilt arrived. (It had gotten pretty chilly in the hold of the plane. So probably close to freezing. I'm not quite sure. I keep thinking I'll do a test myself to see how much of a problem there would be if you did take the time to wash the quilt. I'm guessing very little. But still, probably not the best option if doing a quilt that won't be washed or is going to be in a show.