Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Challenge recap

Actually, recap sounds like it's over, doesn't it. And it's not. Psych! Well, to me anyway. I truly thought I would get this done this year, but I'm a little crazy.

So, I was supposed to do three versions of the nine quilts in the book. So that's 27 quilts total. And how'd I do?

Quilts completed: 8
Tops completed: 25
Tops to finish: 2

The big thing I learned this year is that I tend to work in fits and starts. I get really obsessive for a while, then don't do any sewing for a month. You have to be steady all year to get a project of this size done by deadline. So not my style, apparently.

The whole thing has been fun and I'm looking forward to finishing everything up. But I'm also looking forward to going back to a more random way of working. The hope is I can keep the discipline of finishing the project while I do random quilts. It's easy to get caught up in the next one when you don't have a deadline to work against, leaving tons of UFOs sitting in bins around the room.

My plan for this year is to finish the quilts from this book, then focus on the UFOs (not necessarily quilts) sitting in shoeboxes. And to do a quilt to enter at the state fair - my first competition attempt.

How'd you do on your 2011 goals and what's in the plans for 2012?

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