Thursday, January 19, 2012

2011 Challenge: Baby Charmers - Neutral

Love the way this one came out. At least in the photo! Ha! Actually, this really is a nice little quilt and the neutral version. The girl was done in pink instead of green, the boy in blue. Otherwise, they're almost identical quilts done with the same novelty fabric. Sweet.

Two things I did on this quilt that were learning opportunities. First was the prairie points. Which, while they look cool, are probably not worth the extra work in my book. Yowsers. I thought the ruffle on the girl's quilt was tough. Worked very hard to make this one perfect and it came out beautifully, but I don't think I want to do them again, thank you.

I also actually marked the quilt to quilt it with a stencil I had, then used *gasp* green thread on the cream so it became almost like doing embroidery. And am realizing that if I'm going to mark, I need to be more careful about actually following the lines, otherwise, what was the point! But the extra quilting I did on this one did make the back all nice and crinkly, which I love.

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