About This Site

If you stumbled along here, I'm hoping it's because you like baby quilt patterns. No ... I hope you love them. Because I do, so that's where I tend to spend my creative energies when it gets time to sit down at the machine.

This blog covers all kinds of things related to baby quilts - when to give them, tips for planning them and, of course, patterns, patterns, patterns. Free patterns, tutorials from blogs, baby quilt pictures to inspire your patterns and patterns from great sources with great prices. (I'm all about the bargain!)

I'm Susan, the self-appointed Baby Quilt Queen, and I'll be your guide on this journey. (What a queen. Always working in service for her people!) I love hearing from you guys, so leave as many comments as you like. Be polite, tell me I'm wonderful and it'll all be great. (Just kidding. Feel free to tell me I'm full of it when that's called for.)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay in my realm!